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Projects and success stories

Just like the Apollo 11 mission, our projects are extraordinary - except that instead of the moon, we reach for great results.

LAM Care

We took over the LAM Care project when it was still in the design phase of the first clinic in Kranj. In just two years, we have already brought over 20,000 clients to the clinic through effective and close cooperation.

Smart Drawing

As part of the cooperation with the company Smart Naris, we updated their logo, renovated the website of their platform esmartarena.com and optimized it accordingly.

Ludus Beach Park

For one of the largest sports parks in Ljubljana, we renovated the website, where we worked out the user's journey more precisely, with an emphasis on easy reservations and purchases.

Studio InfraFit

We created an integrated graphic image for the studio. We set up a website with an ordering system and took care of advertising campaigns, e-mail advertising and web optimization.


For Experium ltd. we renovated the website, comprehensively tackled a long-term SEO strategy and implemented more than 150 e-mail marketing campaigns, with over 50,000 messages sent.


Due to the desire for better optimization, we renovated the orcabay.io website, which served as a springboard for the implementation of a long-term SEO strategy in the field of B2B crypto services.

LAM Plus

We designed and created a website for the LAM+ beauty and aesthetics center, and we are working closely with the experienced LAM team to develop LAM+ into one of the best aesthetic clinics.

LAM Clinic

As part of the LAM projects, the idea of ​​an integrated LAM Clinic, which offers a range of health services, was born. As elsewhere, here too, we comprehensively took care of several different areas.


The master.si platform offers a series of online courses and webinars, for which we have developed an advertising strategy on Facebook, which is complemented by an elaborate e-mail marketing strategy.

Space for you

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