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Website optimization

Website optimization for search engines (SEO) is one of the most important techniques in digital marketing for getting organic website traffic. This effect is achieved by placing content higher in the search results of online search engines.

Website optimization

SEO website optimization
Website optimization reduces the cost of paid advertising in the long run, as it displays organic content at the top of search engine results, achieving the same effect as leasing keywords through ads.
Website optimization is an approach that in light industries takes approximately three months until first results are reached, while in more difficult branches it can take up to six months or more.
Content writing is only one method of web optimization. Masters of web optimization (SEO) also devote themselves to the optimization of landing pages and product pages, so that they are as understandable as possible for the user. Their tasks also include buying backlinks, writing PR articles, editing the Google my Business profile, and taking care of the technical health of the website.

Website optimization is a long process. However, the results are long term too..

With the right approach to optimization, you can, on a longer term, save quite some - and acquire quite some customers.

Website optimization

On-site optimization

On-site optimization is part of online optimization, the goal of which is to make the pages on the website as useful as possible for a visitor who is looking for a specific keyword or is interested in a specific area or service. The website must be reasonably structured and understandable.

Off-site optimization

Off-site optimization takes care of the connection of the website with other websites. It is carried out due to search engine algorithms, which take into account its connection with other websites as a factor in the credibility and quality of the information on the website.

Technical optimization

Technical optimization is mainly concerned with a good user experience on the website, which does not drive away potential visitors. Factors that contribute to good technical optimization are website loading speed, contrasts between background and texts, scheme, website structure, title arrangement and many others that you can find on Google's official website.

Content optimization

For a noticeable increase in traffic to the website, it is necessary to regularly publish quality content. However, in order for users to find articles via search engines, the articles must also be readable by search engines. So, the goal of content optimization is that the content is meaningful, high-quality and correctly written - since the goal of online search engines is for users to find the information they are looking for as quickly as possible.

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