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Website design and building

A good website is both an online business card and an important tool for acquiring new customers (for most companies). When creating a website, the goal is for potential customers and visitors to be attracted to the website and to provide them with the information they are looking for, as in many cases this is their first contact with your company.

Website design

design and creation of websites and price of website
When creating a website, it is crucial that it not only visually represents your company, but also ensures intuitive user experiencefast loading speed and information rich content, that encourage visitors to intreact.
Many companies put off the task of creating and designing a new website, because of the complexities, the time it takes and the resources needed.
When creating a website, many companies face a decision: hire outside experts, burden an internal team or hire a digital agency. Hiring an agency, although at first glance more expensive, brings extensive experience, trend tracking and comprehensive project management. This allows your team to focus on key activities while the agency takes care of the rest.

How long does making a website take
and how much it costs?


When creating a website, one of the key factors is the scope of the website or store. The structure of the site, the duration of the project and, of course, the price of the website itself depend on this.


A lot depends on the technical and design complexity of the page itself. Creating a simple website can be affordable and fast, but complex websites take much more time - and are significantly more expensive.


If optimization is also included in the creation of the website itself (which is already standard today), this is also an important element that slightly lengthens the creation (and, in the case when this is not included in the price, also makes it more expensive).
At Apollo Digital we take care of the creation of both simple and more extensive and demanding websites and stores - optimization is in all of the cases already included in the price of the website.

Do you want to renew the website, or don't have it yet and need it?

Describe your idea and wishes to us, and we will invite you to an introductory meeting and discuss your ideas with you.

Do you want to create a website? Great! The first step is to set your goals:

  1. do you want to refresh or establish your online appearance,
  2. do you want to increase page traffic,
  3. do you want to use your website as a sales tool?

Not sure? Don't panic, our team will be happy to listen to you and advise you according to your business model and industry.