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Posting content on social networks is an excellent free alternative to paid advertising. They personalize the brand and bring it closer to the audience - and they work best in combination with paid advertising methods, since social networks are usually at the top of the sales funnel.

Social network management

social networks and social network management
On average, we spend two and a half hours a day on social networks (data from 2019). Which means that we spend almost 10% of the day in contact with people and brands online.
Social networks serve to build trust between the brand and the consumer. They enable companies to receive and respond to feedback from their customers in a dynamic way.
But social networks also have an important role in creating channels through which companies address their target audience (especially younger ones) - which more traditional brands sometimes have difficulty addressing. This is precisely why it is crucial to have an effective approach to social media management.

Step on social networks with the Apollo Digital team:



At the beginning of the cooperation, we outline together what we want to achieve by building social networks. Either it's building a personal brand, promoting the values ​​your organization believes in, or product placement on unrelated skits. Based on this, our team prepares a cooperation plan, which, upon confirmation, is implemented.



As soon as the cooperation proposal is confirmed, we start organizing the production of the agreed content. We do all the filming with our in-house team and by engaging external, unrelated persons (or "players") who act spontaneously and ensure authenticity.



In post-production, we leave the matter to our digital tailors, who edit the videos according to our agreement on what we want to achieve with the content. We also ask for your feedback at this stage, as we only want to publish the most refined content.



In the last phase of the content, we also publish and observe the fruits of our work. During this time, we constantly communicate with your community or followers through comments and take into account their wishes for the preparation of content in the future.


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