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Google advertising

Google advertising is leasing keywords in the search network, advertising through the display network, YouTube advertising and many other directions. Who is Google advertising suitable for? Due to its versatility, Google advertising is generally suitable for any type of company, whether B2C or B2B.

Why Google advertising?

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Google display ads are a great way to acquire customers who are already showing interest in your type of service or product. They show themselves to people, which search for specific keywords in the form of first place on google results.
YouTube advertising can also be used to increase sales, but its purpose is primarily in building brand recognition.
It happens every day through Google over 8.5 billion inquiries. It is used as the main tool for obtaining information before consumer decisions.

What types of Google advertising do we do?

Search network

Advertising via the search network (Google Search Network) is the display of advertisements based on rented keywords. By leasing a keyword, your ad will appear above the organic results every time someone searches for the keyword on Google.

Display network

Advertising via the display network (Google Display Network) means that ads appear on Google's partner websites, videos and applications. Display networks are used to target people who have already visited your website or expressed interest.

Video advertising and YouTube

YouTube ads appear before, during and after watching clips. More than 2 billion people use YouTube every month, making it a great tool for reaching as many potential customers as possible. Additionally, it can also be used to increase conversion through TrueView for Action ads, which can directly address the audience.

Shopping ads

Advertising through Google Shopping is an effective strategy for promoting your products in Google search results. When consumers search for the products you offer, your products can appear as sponsored ads with visually appealing images, prices, and your store name. This improves the visibility of your products and increases the possibility of purchase.

Our approach to advertising on Google

1. We are pleased to meet you.

In the first phase, we meet. Our team tries to understand your goals and the problems you face in growing your business. In this phase, we listen as much as possible and speak as little as possible.

2. Preparation of the strategy.

After the introductory meeting, our team dives deep into your industry, where it reviews the competition and prepares for you a strategy, a keyword map with a cooperation proposal. Upon confirmation, we start the sprint.

3. Ready, alert, now!

The sprint has begun! In this phase, we prepare advertising accounts, set up campaign tracking methods, analytics - in short, everything we promised in the strategy is done. Within seven days of the confirmation of the first successful Google campaign, customers are directed to the website.

4. It can be even better.

Congratulations, at this point you've got your first few customers or inquiries. It's time to rev up this marketing engine even more. In the fourth phase, we optimize campaigns and keywords.

5. You are up to date.

It is important to us that our business partners are up to date. This means that in the second phase of the engagement, you get daily reports of what's going on, because things are moving so quickly. Then, when we move on to further phases and the work becomes more established, you will receive weekly progress reports. At the end of each month, a detailed report with the statistics of the previous month is also available on our online platform.

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