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Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising is one of the most important tools in the workshop of every modern marketer. Why? Despite the emergence of other social media, Facebook is still considered the king of online sales. If your brand sells to general consumers, it's almost a must to have Facebook ads in your marketing mix. Facebook (or Meta) has - among others - other platforms under its umbrella, such as the social network Instagram and two messaging applications WhatsApp and Messenger.

Advertising on Facebook

facebook advertising ads on facebook facebook ads
Facebook ads are not only used to drive sales, although they are very good at that. Larger companies use them for raising brand awareness and reaching new target groups.
What separates Facebook from other advertising platforms is accurate display of ads to the target audience. Which allows advertisers to filter by age, interests and gender.
He uses Facebook and their related platforms every day more than 1.9 billion people. The average user of these platforms makes a living on them 30 minutes a day. All this time, users are shown advertisements created specifically for them mixed in organic content.

Facebook advertising - a process of participation

1. We are pleased to meet you.

In the first phase, we meet. Our team tries to understand your goals and the problems you face in growing your business. In this phase, we listen as much as possible and speak as little as possible.

2. Preparation of the strategy.

After the introductory meeting, our team dives deep into your industry, where it examines the competition and prepares a strategy for you with a cooperation proposal. Upon confirmation, we start the sprint.

3. Ready, alert, now!

The sprint has started! In this phase, we prepare creatives, set up ways to track campaigns, analytics - in short, everything we promised in the strategy is done. Within seven days since the confirmation of the first successful Facebook campaign, they lead customers to the website.

4. It can be even better.

Congratulations, you've got your first few customers at this point. It's time to rev up this marketing engine even more. In the fourth phase, we optimize campaigns, prepare new creatives and focus on actions that bring you new customers.

5. You are up to date.

It is important to us that our business partners are up to date. This means that in the second phase of the engagement, you get daily reports of what's going on, because things are moving so quickly. Then, when we move on to further phases and the work becomes more established, you will receive weekly progress reports. At the end of each month, a detailed report with the statistics of the previous month is also available on our online platform.

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