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Just like the Apollo 11 mission, our projects are extraordinary - except that instead of the moon, we reach for great results.

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2024 ⇉
We are always open to new challenges and interesting projects. If you have an idea or a desire, entrust it to us, and we will make sure that your project will be another one of our excellent references.


2022 / December ⇉
Renovation of the website's image and structure, with an emphasis on SEO optimization and the display of already implemented projects. Implementation of regular optimization, publication of content and structuring of e-mail campaigns.

LAM Care

2021 / November ⇉
Renovation of the website for a better user experience, integration of the ordering system and regular optimization. Publication of content, implementation of advertising campaigns, care for social networks.


2023 / November
Planning and renovation of the website and online store of the sports park. Website optimization and consolidation of services from multiple websites into one place.


2023 / April ⇉
New website design, focusing on excellent optimization and useful information for potential customers. Implementation of regular optimization and publication of content.

Infra Fit Studio

2023 / May ⇉
Creation of an integrated graphic image, website and layout of the entire brand. Implementation of advertising campaigns, regular optimization and publication of content, social management. networks.


2023 / April
Design and redesign of the entire front-end of the SmartArena website, including excellent optimization. Renewal of the logo and image of the website, pre-preparation for localization for foreign markets.

LAM Plus

2023 / January ⇉
Redesigned website layout, social media strategy, online advertising strategy and online optimization. Consistent execution of all strategies and regular optimization and adjustment.

LAM Clinic

2023 / April ⇉
Planning the structure and layout and layout of the website. Creation and implementation of online optimization strategies, online advertising on various platforms and publishing on social networks.