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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

 This Cookie Policy governs, together with the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, the relationship between you and the cookie manager, which is APOLLO DIGITAL d.o.o., with registered address and business address at Šmartinska Cesta 130, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (“Apollo Digital”) in regarding the use of cookies and similar technology, such as pixels and tags (collectively "cookies"), to recognize you and obtain information from you when you visit the website, when you access and use the website https://apollodigital.si/ and all possible subpages of this website (“Website”).

  1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are downloaded and stored on your computer or other device when you visit our website. We load cookies on your device ourselves (i.e. first-party cookies) or they are loaded by third parties (i.e. third-party cookies). By installing cookies, we collect or store a wide variety of information about you, your device and the way you use the website. We then use this information for a number of different purposes. Cookies save, for example, the language, font size and other settings that you have set on your computer to view our website, so that you do not have to set them again and again when you return. Depending on the purpose for which the information collected with each cookie is used, we distinguish between four types of cookies, which are: necessary or technical cookies, functionality cookies, maintenance and improvement cookies, and advertising cookies.

You can also find more information about cookies at the address of the Information Commissioner, accessible at: https://www.ip-rs.si/.

  1. What types of cookies do we use and why?

2.1. Necessary cookies

Necessary cookies are technical cookies that are necessary for the operation and use of the website. They allow us the technical functioning of the website, its accessibility and security.

We use essential cookies:

  • to enable you to access the website,

  • to ensure your safe use of the website and to detect and prevent security threats and malicious acts,

  • to authenticate your access to the website,

  • to display pop-up notifications on the website,

  • to increase the speed of the website.

How to reject them?

These cookies are necessary for the website to function and you cannot refuse them. You can block or delete the use of essential cookies in your browser settings. In this case, some functions of the website and services on the website may not work properly or their operation may be disabled.

2.2. Cookies for functionality

Functionality cookies are used to recognize you and to remember your choices and preferences when you return to our website.

We use functional cookies:

  • to remember which cookies you have accepted and which you have refused,

  • to remember your language preferences.

Regarding the acceptance or rejection of such cookies, or the options you have, see the section "How to accept or reject cookies" below.

2.3. Cookies for maintenance and improvement 

Maintenance and improvement cookies measure the frequency of your website visits, collect information about how you move around our website and how you use it. Based on information about the number of visits to the website, the locations from which users access our website, the time of access to and the total time of use of the website, they show us the overall statistics of the use of our website. We also use them to determine which parts of the website are most interesting to our users and which products our visitors view most often.

We use maintenance and improvement cookies or analytical cookies:

  • to analyze and understand the use of our website,

  • to improve the design, operation and performance of the website,

  • to provide our users with new content and new products that match their interests and habits and

  • to understand the effectiveness of our ads.

Regarding the acceptance or rejection of such cookies, or the options you have, see the section "How to accept or reject cookies" below.

2.4. Advertising cookies

Advertising cookies help us understand you, your preferences, interests and choices by helping us recognize you, recognize what you like and remember your online habits and activities. By accepting the use of advertising cookies, you allow us to collect information about you (e.g. unique user identification or user ID), your device (e.g. IP address, browser information) and how you use our website (e.g. information about the fact that you visited our website, which products you viewed on the website and whether you have already started the ordering process). We use the information obtained in this way to prevent repeat ads being shown to you and to ensure that our ads are displayed correctly. In addition, we use the information obtained through advertising cookies to create your advertising profile and the advertising profiles of other people with similar interests, on the basis of which we can select and show you and others advertisements that match your interests, choices and web browsing patterns.

We use advertising cookies:

  • to show you ads tailored to your interests and choices, such as showing you ads about new products that are similar to the ones you've viewed,

  • to show ads to users of social networks with interests similar to yours,

  • to prevent repeat ads,

  • to ensure the correct display of advertisements,

  • to measure the effectiveness of advertisements.

Regarding the acceptance or rejection of such cookies, or the options you have, see the section "How to accept or reject cookies" below.

  1. What information do we collect through cookies?

Cookies help us and our partners collect information about you, your devices and your use of our website. Some of this information gives us and our partners insight into your use of the website, your choices and preferences and technical specifications, without directly or indirectly identifying you, while others may identify you, either directly or by combining several collected information (hereinafter personal data).

Using cookies, we collect the following categories of personal data:

  • , e.g. your unique user identification (eng. User ID), cookie or pixel identifier, IP address,

  • , e.g. device type, device identifier and information about the browser used,

  • , e.g. information about your visits to the website, information about the products you have viewed on our website and information and other types of activities on our website,

  • geographical location.

  1. Who all accesses the (personal) data obtained through cookies?

To enable additional capabilities and functionalities on the page, such as displaying interactive content via YouTube and Facebook interfaces, website analytics or advertising, we ourselves and with the help of third parties enable the use of some additional cookies when using the website. Since some of the additional capabilities and functionalities of the website are provided by our business partners, the data collected via cookies when using the website can be directly transferred to the business partner that enables the specific additional capabilities and functionality of the website.

The third parties who provide such additional capabilities and functionalities of the website and to whom the data obtained via cookies are forwarded are:

  • our affiliated companies

  • providers of analytics and conversion services (eng. conversion services), e.g. Google Analytics, Google Optimize, Hotjar, Facebook and others,

  • partners who provide interactive content on the website, e.g. YouTube and Facebook,

  • providers of targeted and personalized advertising, e.g. Google Ads, Facebook, Pinterest and others.

  1. Which cookies are we talking about exactly?

Cookies, categorized by type of cookie, are listed and explained in the table below. The table also contains a link to the websites of our partners, where you can read more about their use of cookies installed while using the website. Our website also uses cookies or similar technology (hereinafter referred to as "cookies").

Information stored in cookies tells the website that you have already visited it. This allows you to display the website in the best possible way, according to your preferences. Only cookies are recognized on your terminal. In addition, personal data will only be processed with your consent or if this is absolutely necessary for the use of the offered service that you request.

List of cookies we use on the website:

Type of cookieIssuerCookieInformation obtainedCookie duration
Essential cookiesHAMSessionSession information7 Days
XSRF-TOKENProducts added to cart7 Days
app-gateway-affinity-siUnique visitor identification, website informationSession
app-gateway-affinity-siCORSUnique visitor identification, website informationSession
Cookies for functionalityHAMcookies_marketingChoice of acceptance or rejection of advertising cookies7 Days
cookies_functionalitiesChoice of accepting or rejecting cookies for functionality7 Days
cookies_performanceChoosing whether to accept or reject cookies for maintenance and improvement7 Days
cookies_necessaryChoice of acceptance or rejection of cookies7 Days
_sp_ses.*Session information30 minutes
_sp_id.*Unique identification of the visitor, number of visits to the website, time of the first, current and last visit to the website2 Years
YouTube  (Google)CONSENTVisitor choices (e.g. selected language, number of results displayed, choice of activation of the Google SafeSearch filter)20 Years
HotjarSIDUnique identification of the visitor and the date of the last login to the account2 Years
YouTube  (GoogleFacebookHSIDUnique identification of the visitor and the date of the last login to the account2 Years
LOGIN_INFOUnique identification of the visitor and the date of the last login to the account2 Years
YSCClips viewed in the clip playerSession
PREFOptions for playing YouTube clips8 months since last use
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVEChoices and settings of a visitor who is not logged in with an account6 Months
datrWeb browser information2 Years
xsA two-digit session number, a secure flag to identify the use of an anonymous browsing window.90 days or session
Facebook Pinterest Google (Analytics and Optimize)c_userUnique visitor identification90 days or session
sbWeb browser information2 Years
drScreen and display information7 Days
w.dScreen and display information7 Days
pinterest_cmNo information (intended to share website content)6 Months
_utmaSession information2 Years
Google (Analytics and Optimize)_utmzThe source from which the user accessed the website6 Months
Cookies for maintenance and improvementGoogle (Analytics and Optimize)MrsUnique visitor identification2 Years
Google (Analytics and Optimize) Facebook Facebook Google (Ads)_gatNo information (intended to reduce requirements)1 Minute
_gidInformation about the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, the use of the website and the unique identification of the visitor.24 hours
_dc_gtm_UA-#Unique visitor identification, advertising campaign effectivenessSession
collectWebsite visit, products viewed, purchases, free products downloaded, delivery costs, stage in the personalization processSession
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVEChoices and settings of a visitor who is not logged in with an account6 Months
CONSENTVisitor choices (e.g. selected language, number of results displayed, choice of activation of the Google SafeSearch filter)20 Years
1P_JARWebsite usage and displayed advertisements30 Days
DVAutomatic device access detection1 Day
OTZUse of the website1 Month
OTZUse of the website1 Month
FrInformation about the effectiveness of the advertising campaign90 Days
actSession information90 days or session
FacebookPresenceOpen chats, unique visitor identificationSession
Advertising cookiesFacebook Google (Ads)_fbpWebsite domain identification, cookie creation date, unique visitor identification90 Days
trWebsite visit, products viewed, web browser information, time of website visit, products added to cart, purchases, free products downloadedSession
localeThe location of the user who was last logged into the account on the web browser7 Days
spinN/A3 Months
SAPISIDEChoices and preferences of the user for Google functionalities on the website2 Years
  1. How do you accept and reject cookies?

You can manage the installation and use of cookies that are not absolutely necessary for the website to function in our cookie management tool, which is located in the cookie notification that appears when accessing the website.

You can choose independently whether you will accept cookies that are not absolutely necessary for the website to function and allow the collection of information with their help, or whether you will reject them. Necessary cookies are required for the proper functioning of the website and cannot be refused. Your choices in the cookie management tool apply only to the future use of cookies on our website and to the installation or access to cookies on the device with which you access and change the cookie settings below.

In addition to using the cookie management tool, you can also manage cookies by using the settings in your web browser, where you can accept or reject a particular type of cookie in general for all websites.

The procedures for deleting and controlling cookies vary depending on the browser used:

You can reject third-party advertising cookies universally for all websites by visiting one of the following websites and selecting the appropriate option: the Digital Advertising Alliance website, the Network Advertising Initiative website, or Your Online Choices website (for EU visitors)

  1. Additional information

If you have any questions about our use of cookies and other similar technologies, you can write to us at info@apollodigital.si.

©APOLLO DIGITAL doo (Ljubljana, February 2024)