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Voucher for preparing a digital strategy: what you need to know?

The Digital Competence Voucher enables companies to receive subsidies for training employees in digital skills, thereby promoting innovation, competitiveness and productivity in a rapidly changing technological environment.

What is a digital strategy and why is it crucial for your business

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Digital strategy is the planning and implementation of technological solutions with the aim of improving business processes, increasing profits and improving competitiveness on the market.

It is a fundamental component for modern businesses, as it enables a better understanding of the market, adaptation to customer needs and optimization of operational processes.

The main goals and advantages of developing a digital strategy

a voucher for preparing a digital strategy

Developing a digital strategy enables companies to effectively respond to rapidly changing market conditions, improve customer relationships and optimize internal operations.

Key objectives include increase online visibility, process automation and the improving of user experience.

Voucher for digital strategy within DIH

Within the framework of DIH Slovenia, the digital strategy voucher is intended to support Slovenian companies in the digitization of their operations. Companies can obtain financing to cover consulting costs and creation of digital strategies, which are key to their development and growth.

How to get a digital strategy voucher

The initial step includes filling in the application form, which is accessible on the digital agency platform. The application form requires basic information about the company and a detailed description of the planned project.

The company must prepare a project that clearly defines the objectives of the digital strategy and implementation plan. It is important that the project contains concrete information about how the digital strategy will help improve the company's business processes. This includes a detailed explanation of which technological tools and methods will be used to achieve these goals.

In the project, it is necessary to demonstrate how the digital strategy will be implemented contributed to greater efficiency, reduction of operating costs and improving the customer experience. It is expected that the project will demonstrate innovative approaches that enable the company to effectively adapt to new technological trends and thereby improve its business results.

digital strategy and digital strategy voucher

Besides the technical details the application must also include a strategy for measuring the success of the implemented digital strategy. This includes specific performance indicatorsyou (KPIs), which will be used to monitor the effectiveness of the digital strategy after its implementation.

After submitting the application, an evaluation process follows, where it is checked whether the project meets all the criteria and requirements set by the voucher program. If approved, the company receives the funds, which can be used to cover costs related to the development and implementation of a digital strategy.

How to approach creating a digital strategy through a voucher

digital strategy preparation voucher and digital strategy voucher

Analysis and goal setting

The initial step in preparing a digital strategy involves a thorough analysis of the current situation of digital processes in the company. This includes an assessment of the technologies used, the digital skills of employees and existing digital channels.

After the analysis, the next step is the setting of concrete goals and the selection of appropriate technological tools that will support the realization of the digital strategy.

The selection of the right tools is crucial for the successful implementation and long-term maintenance of the strategy.

Integrating digital strategy into your business

It is crucial for the successful integration of digital strategy involving all departments of the company. Alignment of goals and processes between departments ensures that digital transformation proceeds smoothly and efficiently.

Continuously monitoring and adjusting the strategy after its implementation is essential to ensure that the strategy remains relevant and effective.

Adjustments must be made based on feedback and changing market demands.

Take advantage of a digital strategy voucher in partnership with Apollo Digital

Apollo Digital, with its deep understanding of digital technologies and trends, ensures that our strategies and implementations are at the highest level, while also keeping up with the times. As a young and innovative agency, our goal is for companies to make maximum use of the available funds and make the best use of the voucher to prepare a digital strategy.

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