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Voucher for raising digital competences: an opportunity for growth and innovation

The Digital Competence Voucher enables companies to receive subsidies for training employees in digital skills, thereby promoting innovation, competitiveness and productivity in a rapidly changing technological environment.

Definition of digital competences and their importance for competitiveness

For exact and updated information, contact the website of DIH Slovenia - connection to DIH.

Digital competences comprise the knowledge and skills required for the effective use of digital technology. This includes abilities such as data processing, critical thinking in a digital environment, secure information management and ability to use digital tools to solve problems.

For businesses, these skills are key, as they enable better competitiveness on the market, faster adaptation to new trends and greater efficiency of operations.

An overview of the key digital skills needed in the business world

voucher for raising digital competences

Skills such as data analysis are particularly valued in the business world, artificial intelligence (mainly tools like ChatGPT...), programming, IT project management and digital communication.

These skills help companies optimize operations, develop new products and services, and improve customer relationships.

Voucher for raising digital competences - how does it work and who is eligible?

The voucher for raising digital competences is designed to encourage Slovenian companies to invest in the digital education of their employees. Vouchers are available for small and medium-sized companies, who want to improve their digital skills and are ready to invest in the learning and development of their employees.

Application process and steps to obtain a voucher

The application process requires completion of certain forms and proof of eligibility. It is necessary to submit a training plan and an assessment of the expected improvements in the employees' competencies after the implementation of the project via a voucher.

Companies can submit their applications via online portals available on the website of the Digital Innovation Contact Point of Slovenia (DIH Slovenia).

vouchers for raising digital competences

Selection of contractor / expert

You can check the exact list of companies that are suitable for implementing a project under the auspices of a voucher for increasing digital competences in catalog of experts.

How the rise of digital competence affects productivity and innovation

raising digital competences and digital competence

Investment in digital skills leads to a significant increase in productivity, as employees become more adept at using advanced tools and methods.

This enables faster implementation of work processes and encourages innovation, as employees can more easily identify and implement new technological solutions

Many Slovenian companies have already successfully used the voucher to improve their digital competences and recorded improvements in their processes. Examples include introduction CRM systems, digitization of documentation and optimization of production lines using IoT technologies.

Educational programs and tools available through vouchers

Various educational programs available through the vouchers include programming courses, workshops on the use of analytical tools and Internet safety seminars. These programs are adapted for quick and efficient training of employees.

Recently, programs about the use of artificial intelligence in the workplace and in various processes in the company.

Trends in technological development and expectations on the labor market

The future of work is inextricably linked to digital competences. Trends point to a growing need for advanced IT skills (mainly UI usage), automation and data management capabilities. Companies that succeed in developing these competencies will have an advantage in the rapidly changing business environment.

Our services and how we can support your company in the digitization process

Apollo Digital provides comprehensive services to help businesses acquire and use vouchers. Our services include advice on choosing the right educational programs, their implementation and assistance in applying for tenders.

Vouchers for raising digital competences represent an exceptional opportunity for any company that wants to remain competitive and innovative in a digitally colored business world.

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