apollo digital

Apollo Digital

We are not just an agency, we are an extension of your company.
apollo digital
We like turnkey solutions. What does that mean?
- we become an extension of your company and take care of all marketing activities.

For those who are more picky, we also offer à la carte.

online advertising


We ensure the implementation of effective campaigns on the Google Ads and Meta platforms.
content marketing or content marketing


We create creative content for various types of media that unobtrusively reach targeted users.
social networks and social network management


We develop a strategy for your social networks and ensure its consistent implementation.
design and creation of websites and price of website

of websites

We create modern and efficient websites and stores, with an emphasis on user experience.
SEO website optimization

of websites

We strategically optimize your website for browsers and increase your organic traffic.

Why was the year 2023 our the best?
Because we launched 11 new stories?
Because we brought on
new members?
Because our clients have
record profits? 

No …

We have a new fridge in our offices
(the above facts are OK too)

Why Apollo Digital?

Apollo (Apol·lo) Digital (dig·i·tal) ~ Program Apollo (Apollo program in English) was a series of American space flights and expeditions with the Apollo spacecraft between 1961 and 1972, the goal of which was to land on the moon, which was achieved in 1969 by Apollo 11.

Apollo Digital is a group of extremely talented, ambitious, young and energetic people.
The modus operandi of the entire team is to ensure the highest standards of our service. We always try to understand the needs of our partners as best as possible and help them as soon as possible.
We cooperate with our business partners in the long term and become an extension of their company. With this, we bring to companies our knowledge, experience and resources for the implementation of successful marketing campaigns.

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